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This page is the default page that is automatically generated when an account has been set up with 888-Hosting. This is only a temporary page and you should delete it once you push up your own sites information.

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Security is an on going issues when it comes to computers and the internet. Servers and websites have no immunity to the continual attempts of would be crackers, Trojans and viruses. 888 employs every kind of process, security and firewall system that we deem effective without interfering with our clients websites. The worst kind of intrusion in a hosting environment is when the host does not take appropriate measures for security and someone/something is able to hack a server at the root level. When this happens, all sites, email, databases, everything on that server are at risk. Therefore, top priority for a host is to take great care in securing this level of intrusion. Unfortunately, regardless of a hosts efforts, if a client is negligent in their own security, their site can still be hacked as each client must have access to the server for their hosting purposes. This will not normally jeopardize the server but it does mean that regardless of the strong efforts on the part of the host, your site can still be attacked and cracked if you do not take proper care. The simplest and most effective way to stop this is to keep your passwords strong. Your client area, Cpanel, Plesk Panel, email, FTP and database passwords should all be, at the minimum, 8 characters long including upper and lower case letters with numbers and symbols mixed in. Never make your password a part of or similar to your name or your domain name. Never use sequential numbers or letters and change your passwords at least 2 times a year.